Cuba Denounces US Harassment in Venezuela and Latin America

United Nations, Jan 26 (Prensa Latina) Cuban Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Anayansi Rodriguez assured the UN Security Council today that US harassment is the main threat to peace in Venezuela and Latin America.
The current administration of the United States is attacking Venezuela with particular malice and this has an impact on the entire region, she warned when intervening in the 15-member body.

For this reason, she rejected Washington’s pronouncements calling for the recognition of Juan Guaidó, head of a parliament in contempt and who proclaimed himself president of Venezuela, in total disrespect for the Constitution, said the Cuban diplomat.

This is an open affront to the institutionalism of Venezuela and disrespect for its sovereignty, Rodriguez complained.

Cuba reiterates its support for the Bolivarian and Chavez Revolution, the civic-military union and its legitimate and democratic government, led by the president-elect by the majority, Nicolás Maduro, she stressed.

In addition, she said, we condemn the attempt to impose on Caracas – through a coup d’état – a Government in the service of the United States.

The sovereignty of all peoples is at stake when Venezuela is questioned and that is why it is so important to support that country. The proclamation of Latin America as a zone of peace is also at stake, she said.

In this regard, Rodriguez recalled the numerous interventions and coups promoted by Washington in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The Cuban high diplomat stressed that the sovereign will of the people of Venezuela will prevail over imperialist intervention, and history will judge those who encourage the coup intervention.

In that sense, she criticized the ‘shameful role’ of the Organization of American States ‘that tries to support the United States in its desperate attempt to implement a policy of regime changes.

Respect must be given to the purposes and principles of the UN Charter on direct or indirect non-intervention in the affairs of other states, as well as respect for the self-determination of peoples, she stressed.

We regret that the United States intends to use the UN Security Council to legitimize its campaign against the government of constitutional President Nicolás Maduro, said the deputy foreign minister.

This Saturday, the US delegation promoted an emergency meeting in the Security Council and asked the international community to ignore the mandate of the president-elect for the majority of the Venezuelan people, which is criticized by many member countries of the UN.

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