Cuba denounces US complicity in Israeli attacks on Gaza

Havana, Feb 16 (Prensa Latina) Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel denounced today that Israel, with the complicity of the United States, is responsible for the extermination of the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.

In the social network X, the president said that he agrees with the thinking of the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, who said that ‘a new and repugnant form of fascism is emerging with remarkable force at this moment in history’.

We see it every day in Palestine, the president stressed in his message, while calling for an end to the aggression.

Cuba will soon present its arguments before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on Israel’s practices and activities against the rights of the Palestinian people and other Arab inhabitants of the occupied territories.

A statement issued by Deputy Foreign Minister Anayansi Rodriguez said that as part of the process requested by the United Nations General Assembly on December 30, 2022, the island asked for a pronouncement on the legal consequences derived from Israel’s practices and policies against the Palestinian people.

Cuba legally reaffirms that both Israel and its accomplices should be declared responsible for the genocide that the Palestinian people have lived through for decades.

The Palestinian Health Ministry figures show that the number of victims of the current Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip amounted to more than 28,700 dead and 68,500 wounded.


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