Cuba denounces smear campaign led by the US government

Havana, Nov 20 (Prensa Latina) For several weeks, the United States Government has been conducting a new smear campaign as part of its policy of growing hostility towards Cuba, Granma newspaper reported today.

For this purpose, it uses the arrest of the counter-revolutionary José Daniel Ferrer, a salaried US agent, with a long history of illegal and provocative acts against public order.

According to the report, the Embassy of the United States in Havana is the main entity responsible for the attention, orientation and financing of Ferrer’s conduct, clearly interfering in Cuba’s internal affairs.

The head of that diplomatic mission, Mara Tekach, personally leads the open instigation of violence, breach of the peace, and to disregard for law enforcement by this citizen, the report reveals.

It also denounces that the US diplomatic mission in Cuba and in particular its chargé d’affaires, have concentrated efforts in recent months on failed attempts to recruit mercenaries, promoting division and confusion among the population.

It is also dedicated to identifying the areas of the economy against which to direct Washington’s coercive measures, and slander and discredit the Cuban government and the Revolution.

It is nothing new for the US administration to use such individuals for its subversive political activity against Cuba and launch smear campaigns with unscrupulous support from the mainstream media.

According to Granma, Ferrer was arrested on October 1, along with three other individuals, in response to a complaint lodged by a citizen who accuses them of kidnapping him for an entire night and severely beating him, leading to his hospitalization.

The article assures that Ferrer, who is awaiting trial, has received a visit from his wife and children, and denies references to his physical disappearance, alleged physical abuse, torture, or that he is receiving insufficient food.

These are pure lies deliberately conceived by the United States Government and its Embassy in Havana, it highlights.

The text points out that Ferrer has received proper medical attention, performs regular physical exercise and, upon request, is provided religious assistance.

Before his activity at the service of the United States Government, José Daniel Ferrer had a criminal record and violent behavior totally void of political motivations.

He has a police record dating back to 1993, including physical attacks against other citizens, including women, and public disorder, behavior that has increased in recent years.


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