Cuba Denounces Restrictions on International Cooperation Imposed by U.S. Blockade

Cuba’s Ambassador to International Organizations in Geneva, Anayansi Rodríguez Camejo, reaffirmed the commitment of the island to achieve the provisions of the Convention on Biological Weapons, in the general debate of the Meeting of State Parties of the Convention.

The diplomat noted that Cuba gives priority to international cooperation and scientific exchange in biological sciences and technology for bio-safety and bio-security, surveillance and detection of infectious diseases or diseases that affect humans, animals and plants, as well as regional and international development for the use of science and technology for peaceful purposes.

She also highlighted over 20 years of Cuba’s experience in partnerships with leading international institutions for the production of vaccines against immune-preventable diseases that primarily afflict the poorest countries.

Speaking in Geneva, the Cuban diplomat denounced the restrictions imposed by the blockade on international cooperation regarding biological agents, toxins, equipment and scientific-technical exchange.

After the U.S. delegation’s response, in an attempt to unsuccessfully manipulate the issue by referring to certain exchanges in health with Cuba, Rodriguez Camejo responded with concrete examples, showing that Washington’s blockade negatively affects Cuba’s international cooperation under the Convention.

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