Cuba Denounces Lack of Autonomy of International Criminal Court

1043-onucuba[1]New York, Nov 7.- Cuba denounced in New York that the fact that the UN Security Council submit cases to the International Criminal Court (ICC) is further evidence of the lack of autonomy of the Hague-based World Court.

Speaking Thursday at a UN General Assembly session on the international court, the director for international law at the Cuban Foreign Affairs Ministry Manuel Pírez said that world events over the past several years confirm the need for an autonomous world court, capable of fighting today’s prevailing impunity regarding several serious crimes.

The Cuban diplomat said the current situation not only alters completely the court’s essence, but it also violates the broad general principle of independence of judicial bodies, as well as the transparency and impartiality that should always prevail in the proper administration of justice.

The director for international law at the Cuban Foreign Ministry reiterated Cuba’s position in favor of the creation of an impartial, non-selective, effective international criminal court to complement national judicial systems.(RHC)

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