Cuba Denounces Former Presidents of Colombia and Bolivia

Havana, Mar 8 (Prensa Latina) Colombian and Bolivian former presidents Andres Pastrana and Jorge Quiroga lent themselves to a new provocation against Cuba, the Granma newspaper of this Caribbean island denounces today.

The publication reflects that both former chiefs of State embarked in Bogota the day before on a flight from Avianca to Havana, with the purpose of receiving an award granted by a counterrevolutionary organization.

The only ‘merit’ of the winners is to attack the progressive governments of Latin America and to bend to the interests of the Organization of American States (OAS), the daily warns in one of its articles.

According to the source, this is a new provocation ‘of the so-called Latin American Youth Network for Democracy and its foreign advisers’, with the aim of generating instability, damaging the international image of Cuba and affecting the progress of its relations diplomatic with other countries.

After the landing at the José Martí International Airport and exercising the laws that sustain the nation’s sovereignty, Cuban authorities told Pastrana and Quiroga that they were not welcome and that they should return to their port of origin, the information says.

Granma’s article points out that Pastrana and Quiroga knew in advance Cuba’s position of not allowing them to access national territory, and they did not seem very surprised by the measure, according to their comments on social networks.

The former presidents placed photos and comments in real time on the Internet, with the clear intention of ‘creating an international uproar and launching denunciations against Cuba for unjustified aggression and violation of rights’, the newspaper added.

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