Cuba demands that US stop attacking human rights


Havana, Apr 13 (Prensa Latina) Cuban Deputy Foreign Minister Anayansi Rodriguez demanded on Wednesday that the United States stop attacking the human rights situation in other countries and examine how they are violated on its own territory.

On her Twitter account, the deputy foreign minister called on Washington to “immediately cease its accusations and lies” regarding a recent report by the US Department of State.

The United States “is the main violator of the human rights of its people and other nations. It violates them systematically, massively and flagrantly,” the Cuban diplomat tweeted.

In this regard, she stressed that the wars unleashed by the White House abroad, the subversive actions it promotes and funds in different latitudes and the recurrent use of sanctions and unilateral coercive measures “result in flagrant violations of those peoples’ human rights.”

The US Department of State’s report, released on Tuesday, shows alleged concern about what is happening in other countries and even includes a section dedicated to Cuba, but it ignores internal the problems in the US.

However, Human Rights Watch documented earlier this year setbacks in terms of the most elementary guarantees of citizens in the United States, including racial problems, the attitude towards immigration, as well as the elimination of regulations that protect the environment and public health.

In addition, the United States is the only developed economy on the planet that does not contemplate guaranteed sick leave or vacations by law and, according to the International Trade Union Confederation, it is the worst developed country in terms of workers’ rights.

Cuban authorities denounced Washington’s use of human rights as a utilitarian instrument against countries that do not subordinate to its interests, while it rewards governments with a dismal record in that field.


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