Cuba Defends Autonomous Lethal Weapons Ban

onu-ginebra3[1]Geneva, April 15 (Prensa Latina) Cuba defended in the United Nations, the total and complete prohibition of autonomous lethal weapons, especially mines, through a legally binding instrument of, requires a press release here today.

Claudia Pérez, Minister of the Permanent Mission of the island in Geneva, said in a meeting of experts on the topic to be worked on an internationally agreed definition of lethal autonomous weapons as those programmed by man.

Cuba considers that in any case a future regulatory framework is analyzed, it should not only focus on autonomy but also in lethality.

The higher birth rates, stricter should be the framework that regulates stressed Perez, cited in the aforementioned note released by the diplomatic representation.

The diplomat also stressed the concern of the Greater Antilles by the use of drones because of their level of autonomy, and therefore favors the adoption of a legally binding instrument to regulate their use.

We are concerned about the use of these drones in clear violation of the sovereignty of States, she said.

To the extent not this instrument, its use should be governed by the applicable rules of international law and international humanitarian law and complying them strictly, she added.

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