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When American travel restrictions to Cuba loosened last year, we immediately started receiving your calls and emails asking for a tour to this island nation. Despite the recent tightening of regulations, we found a partner and are thrilled to offer this group People-to-People bicycle tour across central Cuba. When we’re not cycling, we are visiting small farms, meeting young entrepreneurs, and learning how to salsa from the locals. Go now before it all changes forever! 

Tour Itinerary

DAY 1: We will meet you at the Santa Clara airport and take you to Remedios, one of Cuba’s oldest cities. Founded by Spanish colonists, it’s steeped in history and full of beautifully painted multi-colored buildings. You can see a monument to Che Guevera in the central square. After an orientation, we’ll test our rental bikes and then enjoy our first dinner together. 0 miles.

DAY 2: We’ll leave on our bicycles after breakfast and ride on quiet roads through fields of sugar cane. We’ll stop for lunch along the way and then finish up in the quaint town of Sancti Spiritus. You’ll have time before dinner to walk across the landmark arched bridge, Puente Yayabo. It casts a gorgeous reflection in the river below and seems more fitting for a small village in the English countryside than in the center of Cuba. 37 or 48 miles.

DAY 3: Today’s rolling ride takes us to the colonial town of Trinidad. Along the way, we’ll stop at the 18th century Manaca Iznaga estate. You can climb the tower for a stunning view of the valley surrounding us. We’ll have lunch there and learn about the sugar trade that used to dominate this part of the island.

We’ll finish our ride in Trinidad and have time before dinner for a walking tour on its cobbled streets. Our group will be staying in several charming B&Bs for the next two nights. If you have the energy, be sure to head to the central square after dinner to hear the live music. 34 or 43 miles

DAY 4: Today’s loop ride will take us to the beautiful beach at Playa Ancon. The serene water is a gorgeous shade of aquamarine, and the sand is lined with chairs shaded by thatch umbrellas. On our way there, we’ll visit with some fishermen and learn about their lives. The day is a fascinating glimpse into the contrasts of life in Cuba. 22 miles.

DAY 5: We stay on the southern coast today as we head to the city of Cienfuegos, known as the Pearl of the South. We’ll pass several estuaries where we should see some of the hundreds of different species of birds that call Cuba home. One-fourth of them are found nowhere else in the world.

We’ll stop for a seafood lunch and if time permits, visit an organic farm. There, we’ll meet the farmer and learn about Cuban agriculture – its history and future. Before dinner, we should have time for a short city tour. Be sure to get your picture taken beside the charming statue of the 1950s Cuban singer Benny More on the Paseo del Prado. 25 miles.

DAY 6: After a short morning shuttle to get us out of the city, we’ll start cycling on flat roads past rice paddies to Playa Girón. It was the landing for the Bay of Pigs invasion in 1961, and you’ll have time to learn all about it in the museum. We’ll continue bicycling to lunch and then have a chance to snorkel at one of the largest offshore reefs in the Caribbean. Then you can choose to bike or shuttle into town for our overnight. Our lodging is a wonderful example of how tourism can vitalize a town through private enterprise. 36 or 50 miles.

DAY 7: There is no cycling today as we head into Havana. Along the way, we’ll stop at the Korimacao Community Project to see how young people are learning traditional Cuban dance, music, theater and other forms of art to help preserve their cultural heritage.

We’ll arrive in Havana in time for lunch on your own. Then we’ll explore this magical place on a walking tour. We’ll head to the Plaza de la Revolución, the large central square where Fidel Castro used to address thousands of Cubans. Tonight after dinner will be your last chance to take in some live Cuban music and learn how it has influenced music all over the world. 0 miles.

For tour information and sign-up, see here.

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