Cuba cultivates its first blueberries

Thanks to an international collaboration, the western province of Pinar del Rio has the first areas dedicated in Cuba to the cultivation of the blueberry, a species that has been greatly successful in the world’s fruit markets.

More than 720 seedlings from Chile are part of the experiment of the agroindustrial company Enrique Troncoso, in Pinar del Río, whose soils are characterized by being acid and sandy, as demanded by this variety of crop.

The field covers 0.2 hectares and meets the technical standards in other countries, with remarkable results in the production of this type of berries.

Joel Calzadilla, the director of the organization, said that the validation phase will allow them to determine if they can produce them on a large scale in the province, where other species, including citrus, are also encouraged.

Blueberry consumption is growing worldwide and its main producers are the United States, Canada and Chile. Blueberries grow in the wild in the forests of North America and other cold regions, but they are also cultivated.


Fresh Plaza, July 20, 2017

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