Cuba Creates Instrument to Assess Bees’ Hygiene Behavior

Havana, Jul 16 (Prensa Latina) Researchers from the Agricultural University of Havana, in the western province of Mayabeque, have created an instrument for the assessment of bees, a very important activity, according to a source from that center. Anisley Perez, professor from that academic institution, told Prensa Latina that this is a small and manual team, designed and created by experts from that university.

The expert, who is attending the Fifth Cuban Congress on Apiculture, running since yesterday here, stated that this instrument consist of clear acrylic, and about one hundred stainless steel needles are inserted in its base.

She said the study presented about that team is very new, because it refers to an instrument to assess bees’ hygiene behaviour, as an alternative to the main constraint apiculture is currently confronting in the country in this aspect: high expending time required to carry out such testing.

The expert also revealed that the patent application of that instrument at the Cuban Intellectual Property Office was presented. We are waiting that any Cuban company wants to replicate it to generalize its use in the country, or use it in any other nations interested in its function.

The university professor also presented in the forum a study carried out as part of her doctoral thesis, related to the use of RAPD marking techniques, which is the first researching report carried out in this island in bees (Apis mellifera) using that technology.

About one hundred professionals, producers and researchers from Cuba, Argentina, Germany, the United States, Mexico, Brazil and other nations, are attending the forum, which continue today and will conclude on Friday, with a visit to the productive base.

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