Cuba: Corporate Law would take effect in 2017

cuba-economia1The current changes in the Cuban enterprise system, launched four years ago, will lead in 2017 to the creation of a Corporate Law, which brings together all the principles, characteristics and requirements of the operation of the entities. This was announced today by Grisel Tristá Arbesú, head of the Improvement Area of Organizations of the Permanent Commission for Implementation and Development of the Guidelines, at the close of the workshop ¨Challenges of the Cuban Economy¨ that was in session since Monday at the Palace of Conventions in Havana .

In front of 645 specialists, managers and academics of the country, she explained that the new changes in the management of enterprises have allowed advancing in the preparation of conceptual bases of single operation, in order to create conditions for having a higher ranking norm in 2017. She stressed that this year is the first where all the measures have been adopted to give the socialist state enterprise more autonomy and powers, as indicated by the Guideline number two in search of greater efficiency and productivity.

Arbesú emphasized that the socialist state enterprise is, as expressed by the Guidelines  approved at the Sixth Party Congress, the basic form of management of the Cuban economic model, capable of promoting the true development.


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