Cuba Condemns US Sanctions against Venezuelan President

Havana, Aug 1 (Prensa Latina) Cuba has condemned today the US sanctions against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, following the elections to the National Constituent Assembly in Venezuela.

The Cuban Foreign Ministry described such measures against Nicolas Maduro as ‘unusual, violation of international law and arbitrary.’

According to the Granma daily, Cuban authorities stated that interventionist acts against Venezuela are deplorable. For this reason, they make use of a puppet opposition financed from abroad, ‘and is now promising to heat up the South American nation.’

Cuban government also denounced the implementation of ‘a well-concerted international operation aimed at silencing the will of most Venezuelan people.’

That plan is ordered by Washington and supported by the OEA Secretary-General, according to the document.

This operation is also aimed at turning a deaf ear on Venezuelans’ will demonstrated at the polls last Sunday and imposing the surrender by attacks and economic sanctions.

The Foreign Ministry described as ‘offensive’ the cynicism of those who blame the Bolivarian government and its supporters for the Venezuelan opposition-committed crimes.

Likewise, it said that last Sunday the Venezuelan people demonstrated to the world that it is full owner of their sovereign rights, in favor of peace, in defense of security, independence and self-determination of their homeland.

According to the Foreign Ministry, the Venezuelan people ‘defeated -with their votes- the strategy of imperialism, the oligarchies and an opposition that has not hesitated to unleash the most brutal expressions of cruelty.’

The Cuban government called for an end to the interference in the South American nation and reiterated the ‘unswerving solidarity’ with Venezuelan people, the civic-military unit and the constitutional President Nicolas Maduro.


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