Cuba condemns campaign to limit remittances from the US

Havana, Aug 14 (Prensa Latina) The Cuban Ministry of Foreign Relations today condemned a U.S. orchestrated campaign by those who seek to hold the island responsible for limiting remittances from the United States.

According to Ernesto Soberón, director general of the Foreign Ministry for Consular Affairs and Attention to Cuban Residents Abroad, explained in his official Twitter account, the only cause of obstacles to the sending of funds is the US Government itself.

In this regard, he specified that Washington limits the amounts and prevents legal and safe channels for remittances, donations and bank transfers to the island.

Recently, the country’s authorities ratified the will to promote opportunities for its nationals residing abroad to contribute to the development of the nation, but recognized that obstacles such as the blockade imposed by the White House for almost six decades impedes investments.

Soberón denounced the manipulation of the issue and described as absurd the speech that tries to accuse Cuba with said issue and say that the limitation of remittances is due to the fact that the Antillean Government keeps all or a part of them.

In the end, the permanence of Washington’s coercive measures only seeks to create difficulties, social unrest and people’s discontent, the official remarked.

On July 22, at a press conference, Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez said the United States kidnaps the remittances that Cuban-Americans send to their families here and that the White House uses this sensitive issue as a political weapon against the population of the Caribbean nation.

According to the head of Cuban diplomacy, successive decisions of the Donald Trump administration (2017-2021) curtailed the flow of transfers until they were prohibited through government measures.

He added the Western Union company, in charge of processing them, charged about five dollars for every 100 sent, while the Cuban counterpart company received a commission of only one dollar.


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