Cuba charges that US blockade hinders vaccine production

 Cuba charges that US blockade hinders vaccine production

Havana, Jun 16 (Prensa Latina) Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez on Wednesday charged that the United States blockade hinders the purchase of much-needed supplies for the vaccines developed by his country.

For vaccine production, Cuba purchases means of culture in distant countries, as it cannot buy them on US territory, the Foreign Minister wrote on Twitter.

A report by the international confederation Oxfam, made up of non-governmental organizations, stated that it takes up to 24 days and 17 hours to ship them, instead of the 17 possible hours if there were no blockade, Rodriguez said.

In late May, Elena Gentili, Oxfam’s Havana director, urged US congress people to lift the blockade and the restrictions on economic, social and political relations due to their impact on Cuban society.

At a press conference in the capital, the director urged President Joe Biden’s administration to normalize ties with Cuba.

Gentili presented the Oxfam report ‘Right to Live without a Blockade. The Impact of US Sanctions on the Cuban Population and Women’s Lives,’ which shows some of the damage caused by this policy.

According to the report, Washington’s blockade further affects women’s possibilities to exercise and enjoy their rights, and ignores their differentiated needs, opportunities and autonomy.

The blockade, tightened with more than 240 measures during the Donald Trump administration, has deepened the economic crisis and hindered access to suppliers of medicines, technologies, food and other essential products, the text noted.


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