Cuba: Camaguey Increases Charcoal Production for Export to USA

Camaguey, Cuba, May 24 (Prensa Latina) The Cuban eastern province of Camaguey has exported nearly 3,000 tons of charcoal, a share of it to the US market.

A total of 8 enterprises from Camaguey province make this vegetable fuel made out of wood as part of a national production network. They finished 2016 with a total output of 3,311 tons of charcoal which is also marketed in Cuba. Angel Amela, an expert from the Ministry of Agriculture in Camaguey, said the program for 2017 wants to get close to 4,000 tons, amount that would leave Cuba with an income of 1,975,000 dollars.

‘In 2016, we made 1,051,000 dollars, and supported several projects like cattle breeding in this province with cleaning breeding areas, and we also supplied charcoal to the domestic market,’ Amela said.

Cuba produces first quality charcoal whose closer destination is the US market, after the signing of the agreement between the Cuban company, CubaExport and North American Coabana Trading LLC.

Currently, the price of Cuban charcoal on the international market varies between 340 and 380 dollars a ton, but the prices in the United States of charcoal are around 420 dollars, CubaExport administrative experts said.


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