Cuba calls for urgent reform of UN Security Council

UN Security Council in session

NEW YORK, USA (ACN) — Cuba reiterated at the United Nations General Assembly in New York on Friday the urgent need to reform the Security Council to turn it into a transparent, representative and democratic body.

“One of the major problems and challenges still facing the UN 69 years after it was founded is not having been able to undertake the reforms required by the Security Council,” said Cuban ambassador Oscar Leon, as he addressed a forum dedicated to the performance of the 15-member body.

According to the Cuban diplomat, the update of the United Nations will continue to be pending until the reforms take place and he reiterated Cuba’s concern about the growing trend of the Security Council to consider issues and assume roles that belong to other bodies, a stance, he said, which was also embraced by Iran on behalf of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM).

The Cuban representative criticized the frequent closed-door meetings by the Council and its working methods, as well as what he described as the obsolete, anti-democratic and anachronistic right to veto.

He also called for an increase of Security Council membership, both permanent and non-permanent members, under the principle of keeping international peace and security, as stipulated by the UN Charter.

Caribbean News Now!, November 24, 2014

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