Cuba Calls for Cooperation to Fight Crime

LogoONUUnited Nations, Oct 8 (Prensa Latina) Cuba advocated for international cooperation today at the United Nations, as a key element to fight terrorism, drug and human trafficking, as well as other crimes threatening the world community.

Crime prevention is still one of the major tasks in the current global context. All countries, regardless of their socio-economic characteristics are vulnerable to different manifestations of crime, diplomat Daylenis Moreno warned.

While taking part in a debate of the third commission of the UN General Assembly, the official stressed that no country is able to fight alone the scourges of humanities.

According to Moreno, cooperation should be based on mutual respect to sovereignty, territorial integrity of States and in agreement with national legislation.

Cuba rejects any intentions of over- dimensioning different problems arguing they affect international peace and stability, when the real purpose is to implement national agendas and geopolitical objectives.

In this sense, she insisted that it is not the Security Council’s mandate to deal with these issues.

The Third Secretary at the Permanent Mission of Cuba to the United Nations warned about the particular impact drugs have on the planet, adding that no other form of organized transnational crime reaches the magnitude and carries such a high human and social cost.

In this sense, she referred to Cuba’s approach to combat the scourge, with a comprehensive, balanced and multidisciplinary perspective, in which cooperation plays a fundamental role.

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