Cuba Calls for Concrete Actions in Nuclear Disarmament

Geneva, Mar 3.- Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez, stressed here today the need to take concrete actions to achieve “the world free of nuclear weapons we wish for.” A new world order based on peace, human solidarity and social justice is essential, he said when speaking before the Conference on Disarmament, in this city.

The millionaire expenditures on weapons should be destined to promote peace, economic and social development and a dignified life for all human beings, underlined Rodriguez.

That is why nuclear disarmament can be an objective continuously postponeed. We condemn the role of nuclear weapons as part of the political doctrines and security strategies, together with the threat of its use. We also demand respect for the inalienable right to the pacific use of nuclear energy, he added.

He urged the Conference to adopt a work program, widereaching and balanced that takes into account the real priorities in disarmament issues. It is important this forum does not give in to the lack of political will of a few countries, he indicated.

If it accomplishes its mandate, he said, it could make a meaningful contribution to break the status quo and exit the paralysis of the disarmament machinery that only benefits the powerful.

The Minister affirmed the Conference is prepared to negotiate several issues simultaneously, including a treaty that eliminates and bans nuclear weapons and another banning the arms race in the ultraterrestrial space.

It has the important responsibility of acting to the legitimate expectations of the international community and contributing in a decisive way to peace and international security, as well as the survival of the human species, threatened by enormous nuclear arsenals and by climate change.

He also referred to the importance of agreements that guarantee an effective security to States that, like Cuba, have no nuclear weapons, and favored a treaty which bans the production of fissionable material for the manufacturing of nuclear weapons or other explosive devices and also includes their arsenals.

It should be a commitment of all the members of the Conference to con tribute to the success of the International High Level Conference of the United Nations on Nuclear Disarmament to be held at the lates in 2018, he stressed.

This historic cornerstone, he recalled, at the 2nd Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (Celac), held in Havana in January, 2014, the region of Latin America and the Caribbean was proclaimed formally as a Peace Zone.

Such a declaration firmly established the commitment of the Celac members to the promotion of nuclear disarmament as a priority objective, he concluded. (Prensa Latina) (foto:

Radio Cadena Agramonte, March 3, 2015

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