Cuba Calls for Averting Use of Force against Venezuela

Havana, Feb 13 (Prensa Latina) Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez has called for preserving peace and averting the unjustifiable use of force against Venezuela, a midst mounting pressures led by the US Government.

In his Twitter account, Rodriguez denounced the insistence of White House officials in attacking Venezuela where they are seeking forcefully impose a regime change.

‘Ambitions and plans impelled by highly irresponsible figures of the US Administration and Congress are a perilous provocation to attain by force what they were unable to win in the ballot boxes’, the FM wrote.

Rodriguez has used social media in the past hours to lash out at the presentation by Washington at the UN Security Council a draft resolution that manipulates the humanitarian issue as a spearhead to set up the basis for escalating aggression against Venezuela.

At the UN, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza said on Tuesday his country will use all diplomatic means to guarantee peace, despite pressure and threats from the US government. If the UN Security Council were the only scenario that Washington wants to use now, what they do most is threaten, they call on the Venezuelan military to rise up and they seek to intimidate the people with an invasion, he added answering a Prensa Latina question.


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