Cuba Calls Efforts for Lasting Peace in the Middle East

consejo-seguridad-onu[1]HAVANA, Cuba, Jan 16 (acn) Cuba called for efforts at the UN Security Council to achieve fair and lasting peace in the Middle East.

During a Security Council forum on the Middle East situation, Cuban ambassador Oscar de Leon backed the right of the nations in that region to live in peace, enjoy progress and have a zone free of nuclear weapons and massive extermination, PL news agency reported.

According to the diplomat, 2014 was marked by negative events particularly for Palestine and Syria, which suffered from military aggressions and wars.

Cuba reaffirms its solidarity with the people of Palestine and its support of actions aimed at promoting its recognition as a state, on the basis of the borders prior to 1967 and with Eastern Jerusalem as its capital city. Cuba also backs Palestine´s right to become full-fledged UN member, said the diplomat.

Leon also demanded the end of the prolonged and illegal Israeli occupation and the immediate lifting of the blockade against the Gaza Strip and the opening of border crossings and check points to allow free flow of humanitarian aid.

As to the crisis in Syria, the Cuban ambassador reiterate his country´s stance in defense of lasting and sustainable peace for a nation that has faced the actions of extremists and mercenaries since 2011 who, with foreign support, tried to achieve a regime change in Damascus.

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