Cuba calls at UN to eradicate unilateral, selective exercises

United Nations, Oct 21 (Prensa Latina) Cuba on Thursday called at UN to eradicate unilateral and selective exercises among nations and also condemned the enactment, at national level, of politically motivated laws against other governments.

In his speech to UN´s 6th Commission on Universal Jurisdiction, Cuban Ambassador Yuri Gala reiterated Cuba’s commitment to fight impunity for crimes against humanity.

Likewise, Gala recalled that the scope and application of the principle of universal jurisdiction is a major issue, whose issues must be debated by the UN General Assembly.

Mr. Gala expressed deep concern about improper use of the principle of universal jurisdiction in the unilateral, selective and politically motivated exercise of the jurisdiction of courts of developed countries against people, natural or legal, from developing nations, without emanating from an international norm or treaty.

Likewise, he condemned the enactment, at national level, of laws that are politically motivated and directed against other governments, which has dire effects on international relations.

According to Gala, universal jurisdiction cannot be used to undermine integrity and values of various legal systems existing globally, to violate respect for national jurisdiction; or to do down the integrity and values of a legal system.


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