Cuba Builds Biotech Plants to Reduce Use of Chemical Pesticides and Insecticides

HAVANA, Cuba, Dec 3 (acn) The Business Group of Biopharmaceutical Laboratories (LABIOFAM by its Spanish acronym) has created biotech plants in various Cuban provinces, with the aim of reducing the use of chemical insecticides and pesticides in agriculture.

José Antonio Fraga Castro, director of the organization, told ACN that the basic foundation of these small factories is to build fermenters large volumes, to reproduce microorganisms capable of fixing nutrients in the soil or control pests without affecting crops, animals and human beings in general.

The organic foods we produced have no toxic substances, for not to endanger human health and the environment, he said.

He stressed that in this way they will exterminate pests and vectors from the application of bio-products, bio-fertilizers and bio-stimulants, in order to improve the quality and development of agricultural production.

With the proliferation of biotech plants, harmful diseases in man are avoided, as insecticides and pesticides cause severe effects on the central nervous system in addition to result in allergy and cancer, among other ills.

He reported that among the most vulnerable groups are the people who apply pesticides and those consuming those crops, mainly children.

LABIOFAM is devoted to drug development, export of larvicides, biological rodenticide, veterinary drugs, viral and bacterial vaccines, and dietary supplements, and other products.

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