Cuba: Back to School!

A new academic year begins today in Cuba, with almost two million students set to attend schools at the elementary, secondary, and university levels.

Teaching and support staff are committed to continue raising the quality of instruction and focusing on the comprehensive development of students, with a commitment not only to rigorous academic standards but also the acquisition of values and tools with which to understand the world – that is the development of civic-minded, ethical individuals capable of transforming current realities.
The ministries of Education and Higher Education recently reported that the material conditions at educational facilities across the country are adequate to receive increased enrollments in technical professional and preuniversity high schools, as well as 2,700 more children at preschool day care centers.
Officials also reported that 17.5 million dollars was spent to import school supplies, and that renovations, maintenance and repairs at 2,584 schools have been completed.
These efforts include the installation of Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs in middle schools, meeting the needs of 89% of these schools. (100% should have these facilities in 2016.)More than 3,000 university students in their fourth and fifth years will be supporting teaching staff in classrooms where teachers are lacking, a commitment made by the Federation of University Students (FEU) at their recent national congress.
They join more than 8,300 recent graduates of intermediate level pedagogical schools who will work in elementary classrooms and special education. Nevertheless, the provinces of La Habana and Matanzas are depending on contingents of teachers from other areas to meet their personnel needs.
The teaching of Cuban History, Spanish and English will again be priorities, all essential to the comprehensive development of students.

By Escambray, Escambray

September 1, 2015


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