Cuba awaits response about the attack on its embassy in United States

 Cuba awaits response about the attack on its embassy in United States

May 11 (Radio Rebelde) Cuban president Miguel Diaz-Canel reiterated today that his country is still awaiting a response on the attack at its embassy in Washington.

“We do not forget a long history of terrorism against our diplomats. Cuba save lives and repudiate violence and death, “said the president on Twitter.

In the early hours of last April 30, an individual shot a firearm at the building of the Cuban Embassy in United States without damage to the mission personnel, but there was material damage to the building resulting from the impact of the shots.

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez declared hours later that his government was waiting for the corresponding investigations by the US authorities regarding the aggression against the embassy.

Last May 4, the Cuban FM denounced on Twitter that the US State Department and its secretary, Mike Pompeo, were complicit in the terrorist act perpetrated against Cuba’s diplomatic headquarters.

Likewise, Diaz-Canel recently expressed that not sharing with the attacked country all the information related to the aggression against the Cuban mission in Washington is equivalent to tolerance and revives the history of terrorism against his nation.

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