Cuba Approves Special Electoral Commissions

Havana, Jul 22 (Prensa Latina) The 139 special electoral commissions that will accompany the upcoming general elections along with those of the constituency and municipal elections have been approved, reported Granma newspaper.

The vice president of the National Electoral Commission (CEN) Tomás Amarán, told the newspaper that the figure is not definitive because there are provinces that will make their proposals in the run-up to the elections.

Amaran affirmed that on the day of the vote the special commissions will participate in the reception, review and delivery of the information provided by the districts commissions to the groups of municipal counts.

The electoral authority stated that they also passed Instruction No. 1 on updating and publishing lists of voters.

We worked on the ratification of the electoral districts with a view to the second stage and in the determination of the number of deputies to the Parliament and delegates to the provincial assemblies nominated by municipalities, he announced.

Amaran said that during August the will put emphasis in the nomination process of candidates scheduled from September 4 to 30.

Another time, he said that the electoral process on the island ‘is going according to plan’ and that ‘the pamphlets and models to be used are practically concluded’.

According to the Cuban Electoral Law, the special electoral commissions exercise their jurisdiction in their respective demarcations, have their headquarters in the premises authorized for this purpose and its operation is regulated by the National Electoral Commission.


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