Cuba and the magic of its cities

Morro turismo

Photo: Miguel Febles Hernández

Cubadebate | April 20, 2017 |It is the architectural diversity of Cuban cities which make them so magical; with a wide array of styles spanning five centuries; featuring colonial and pre-baroque buildings as well as others from the modern and post-modern era.

Havana, Remedios, Cienfuegos, Trinidad, Camagüey, Bayamo, Santiago de Cuba and Baracoa, are just a few examples of such cities, some of which are designed almost to perfection while others seem more like mysterious labyrinths.

The city of Camagüey is set to become an attractive and prosperous tourist destination.
From the sea, huge fortresses welcome visitors who, once inside the city, can appreciate its vitality as they walk along its cobblestone, concrete or paved avenues; or under its columns, balconies, arches, balustrades and different buildings.

Such characteristics make every space the perfect place to take a photo, or simply stop and admire such well-preserved beauty. Visiting these cities is an enriching journey into the past, where every stone and every building has countless stories to tell, and secrets to reveal.

Cuba is as astonishing as its cities. Walking around them is like coexisting in time and space with a captivating past, evoked in their architecture and historical buildings. In order to truly enjoy its culture one must penetrate the very soul of this beautiful and changing island, which reveals itself through dance, music, visual arts, theater, literature, film and culinary arts.

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