Cuba advocates for unity of peoples at Celac forum

Tegucigalpa, June 27 (Prensa Latina) Cuba insisted today on the importance of strengthening the unity of the people of the region and the leftist and progressive forces, during the II social forum of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States.

The head of the Department of International Relations of the Communist Party of Cuba, Emilio Lozada, stressed at the event that “the only thing that defeats imperialism is unity” and urged support for leftist processes internally and externally.

“We do not conceive that countries with progressive governments attack other countries with progressive governments, that is also the way to help imperialism, carry out a campaign of domination against our own people,” he warned.

Lozada called for the coordination of all progressive forces and leftist organizations in the world and recalled the fundamental role that unity played in defeating coups d’état in the region.

He pointed out that within a month an important battle will be fought on the continent, with the Venezuelan presidential elections.

“All together we are going to support President Nicolás Maduro in his certain victory, we are going to prevent the right-wing forces from trying to delegitimize his victory,” he assured.

The leader also reiterated the support of the Caribbean nation for the leftist processes taking place in Honduras and Mexico.

Lozada affirmed that his country will continue fighting despite its unjust inclusion on the list of states supposedly sponsoring terrorism.


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