Cuba advocates for a more just and democratic international order

Dubai, Feb 12 (Prensa Latina) Cuban Prime Minister Manuel Marrero advocated on Monday for a more just, democratic and equitable international order at the World Governments Summit that is taking place in Dubai.

Speaking at the forum, the head of Government said that a new international order could ensure a decent standard of living for current and future generations.

He warned that while humanity has achieved unimaginable scientific and technological potential, the world has never been so unequal and inequality so deep.

The current multidimensional crisis the planet is experiencing is being exacerbated by geopolitical conflicts and wars for control of natural resources, which pose a threat to human survival, the Cuban prime minister pointed out.

In that context, Marrero reiterated Cuba’s solidarity and unwavering support for the Palestinian people in light of the genocide that is being perpetrated in their territories illegally occupied by Israeli forces.

He recalled that the G77+China Summit held in Havana in September 2023, under Cuba’s presidency pro tempore, achieved a substantive debate on the role of science, technology and innovation in the current enormous development challenges.

The prime minister emphasized the importance of digital transformation for the development of the nations, and stressed the need for financing for investment, infrastructure, services and technology transfer to increase the capacity of science, technology and innovation.

Marrero highlighted his country’s experience in science, technology, and innovation, which are fundamental pillars of the Cuban Government’s management.


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