Cuba, a link in the Latin American dreams of emancipation

Mexico, Jul 19 (Prensa Latina) Mexican professor Ana Esther Cecena on Monday told Prensa Latina that Cuba is a link in the Latin American dreams of emancipation, a byword of moral strength and a referent of the peoples since Cuba has been fighting for 60 years.

On answering about the overriding objectives behind the riots in Cuba a few days ago, driven by counterrevolutionary forces nestled in the United States, the also coordinator of the Latin American Observatory of Geopolitics reflected on the geostrategic importance of that nation.

Cuba, she said, is the main link in the Caribbean shield that turns the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea, with all the riches they contain, into an internal sea.

Its geostrategic position is of the utmost importance to ensure the US hegemonic primacy, today allegedly threatened by the powerful emergence of the East.

‘Cuba, in this double linkage, is indispensable for the powers extending in the continent from the United States,’ assured the doctor in International Economic Relations from the University Paris-Sorbonne, and national researcher attached to the Institute of Economic Research of the UNAM.

Cuba, she warned, is currently the epicenter of the battle for the future. Fighting today for Cuba is a condition for thinking about a horizon of dignity and respect for all forms of life and all aspects of freedom, whether in Cuba or any other region of the world.

Ana Esther Cecena Martorella, her full name, is also an economist expert in geopolitics who coordinates from the Observatory on Latin America studies and elaboration of protocols aimed at theorizing and mapping contemporary processes of domination and resistance in the region.

In addition to being a national researcher, she is a professor at the Graduate School of Latin American Studies of the National Autonomous University of Mexico.


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