Crist may visit Cuba

In a move that would have been unthinkable for any statewide Florida candidate just a few years ago,  Charlie Crist is looking into visiting Cuba this summer.

Nothing is final, but Crist is eager to learn more about the country as he calls for normalizing relations with Florida’s neighbor.

“The embargo has done nothing in fifty years to change the regime in Cuba or end the suffering of the Cuban people,” said Crist campaign spokesman Kevin Cate. “Gov. Crist is exploring every opportunity to help bring economic freedom and democracy to the people of Cuba.”

Recent polls show a majority of Floridians, including Cuban-American Floridians, support lifting the embargo, as Crist advocates. Still, Crist’s advocacy for lifting the embargo is risky and could motivate Republican exiles in Miami-Dade to turn out in November to defeat him.

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