Coup Fails: President Maduro Speaks to the Nation

Breaking: President Maduro Speaks to the Nation

The Venezuelan president highlighted the FANB’s loyalty in neutralizing the coup.

April 30 (teleSUR) Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro stated that the La Carlota Military Base was never taken, but that a group of rebellious soldiers concentrated in the Altamira highway. In this regard, he highlighted the loyalty of the Bolivarian National Armed Force in neutralizing the attempted coup.

He went on to say that the government has faced attempted coups as never before in history because of the extreme right’s desire to “impose an illegitimate government and subject the country to a neocolonial model.” “Today was a contrast of peace and violence in Venezuela,  a coup d’état, delivered to foreign interests and the gringo empire,” said the president regarding the attempted coup on Tuesday.

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