Countdown Begins for World Summit on Climate


Paris, Nov 28.- The clock is always ticking, and what seemed to be distant some months ago, now is barely 24 hours away, as the work for the world summit on climate change will start Sunday.

The delegates were convened for November 29 at Le Bourget exhibit park, in northern Paris, one day before the official inauguration of the event, when the heads of State and Government of some 147 countries will give speeches.

As of Tuesday, Dec.2, the negotiators will double their actions and a week after that the agendas will be very busy for the ministers of Environment or Energy, who will try to reach a world agreement by Dec.11.

The Conference of the Parties in the Framework Convention of the United Nations on Climate Change (COP21) will be one of the most important international meetings in recent years.

However, the challenge is even greater: to adopt a universal agreement that paves the way to a transition to societies and economies low in carbon dioxide and capable of facing the different expressions of climate change and of addressing the phenomenon.

Reaching a binding, transparent agreement will be a great challenge, as will be implementing what is agreed during the event.

How to get to year 2020, which is the deadline for the implementation of the agreement, and defining the actions to be taken in the coming five years are also among topics to be discussed during the conference.(Prensa Latina)

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