Correa Will Denounce Plot in International Bodies

Quito, Jul 20 (Prensa Latina) Former Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa said today that he will denounce in international bodies the ”political, judicial and media plot ” against him, after being linked to the alleged crime for the kidnapping of Fernando Balda.

Correa made known his decision after the publication of a legal analysis, which shows multiple and repeated arbitrariness that resulted in the impediment of his rights to due process, innocence presumption, personal freedom and freedom of movement.

In early July, Judge Daniella Camacho decided to order preventive detention for the former president for the alleged kidnapping in 2012 of the then legislator Fernando Balda, and issued a red alert for the International Police (INTERPOL) to detain him and extradite him to Quito.

The legal study, conducted by Professor Oswaldo Ruiz-Chiroboga and published on the website, indicates that the precautionary measures ordered against Correa and the lack of evidence on his participation in the crime investigated show that ‘the former president has seen his rights to judicial guarantees reduced.’

‘There are serious, objective and well-founded signs that the criminal process is a political persecution against the former president,’ the text states, which also denounces the lack of independence of the Prosecutor and the judge of the criminal case.

‘The former president has not been treated as innocent, but as guilty, imposing on him excessive burdens that culminated with the order of preventive detention,’ the document says.

In response to the study, Correa announced on his Twitter account that for those reasons he will go to international bodies to prove the fraud he is facing.

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