Cooperation Projects between Cuba and the WFP, Praised

Havana, Cuba, May 16.- Miguel Barreto, Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean for the World Food Program (WFP), expressed on Thursday his satisfaction with the development of cooperation projects carried out in Cuba.

In conversation with the press, Barreto ratified the willingness of that international organization of supporting the Caribbean island to boost economic and social development.

The official pointed out that three new cooperation programs are presently designed, aimed at promoting local food production, supporting vulnerable populations and creating capacity of response in the presence of natural disasters.

He added that actions are already being carried out to strengthen the production capacity of small farmers in the provinces of Guantanamo and Pinar del Rio, and that they will later be expanded to the rest of the eastern territory.

Actions aimed at reducing anemia in children and pregnant women will also be maintained, he specified.

Laura Melo, WFP representative to Cuba, said that work strategies for the next four years include the strengthening of agro-productive chains linked to the cultivation of beans, for which alliances with the Institute for Research in Beans, the Agriculture Ministry and the government of Guantanamo, among other centers, have been created.

It’s a way to contribute to the increase of local food production, with which annual imports carried out by the State will be reduced. (acn).

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