Construction of new solar park in Sancti Spíritus advances

Photo: Periódico Escambray

Construction of Sancti Spíritus’ first ultra-modern solar park is currently underway, as part of a program to promote the use of renewable energy.
According to Raidel Díaz Vega, investments manager at the province’s Electric Enterprise (EE), unlike other solar parks across the country, the use of ultra-modern technology and techniques will help to speed up construction of the facility and reduce staffing needs, with works scheduled to be completed by early September.
Díaz Vega went on to explain that the facility, with a generating capacity of 4.4 Megawatts, is being built using the pile foundation method; a technique which requires fewer material and human resources and consists of galvanized steel posts set 2.10 meters into the earth with a section measuring approximately 30 centimeters above the surface on to which 17,600 solar panels will be mounted; 10,000 of which have already been installed, noted the representative.
Meanwhile, Reinier Hernández, EE renewable energy specialist, highlighted that the park, the first of its kind to be built in the country, will contribute 6,600 MW hours of energy a year to the National Electricity System (SEN), representing a saving of over 1,700 tons of fuel burned in thermoelectric plants.
He also noted that this park, evidence of Cuba’s efforts to increase the use of renewable energy, will also contribute to reducing toxic emissions by 5,603 tons.
According to directors from the Electric Enterprise, Sancti Spíritus is expected to supply 63 MWs of solar power to the SEN by 2019, representing almost 70% of the province’s energy needs during peak time (11am-1pm).
Studies indicate that the solar radiation Cuba receives in one day is equivalent to the oil it consumes in five years. (ACN)

Granma, August 22, 2017

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