Congressman: To Support Venezuela is a duty for Cubans

Havana, Feb 19 (Prensa Latina) Cuban Congressman José Rubiera reported today that for his people it is a duty of solidarity with its counterpart and government of Venezuela, which faces the siege of the United States and the threats of a military invasion.

‘It is a duty, it is really important to keep up with the lies that are being fabricated against Venezuela, and that is why our most decisive support,’ said the meteorologist in statements to Prensa Latina.

He indicated that it also means defending Cuba, the Greater Antilles, and it is a gesture of solidarity reciprocity from the inhabitants of the island for all the support received from that South American country and many others.

Meanwhile, Deborah Rivas, a worker at the Havana Capitol – the administrative headquarters of the National Assembly of People’s Power (ANPP) – said that she defends the homeland of Liberator Simón Bolívar from the aggressions to which it is being subjected by Washington.

For this reason, she noted that the Cubans show with their signatures the broadest support for Venezuela, its Bolivarian people and above all with the government of the Republic, which she considers as brothers.

The day before, congressmen and workers of the ANPP joined the campaign in Cuba against State’s aggression and called on their counterparts around the world to mobilize for peace in the South American country.

The document, which endorses the declaration made by the authorities of the island, recalls that Venezuela is a victim of an economic, commercial, financial and media war, as well as the theft of resources from those who seek pretexts for military intervention.

He also reiterates the warnings that the White House is preparing a military adventure disguised as a humanitarian intervention and that a coup attempt is underway following the imposition of a self-proclaimed, taxed and financed president, who, in turn, expresses his willingness for an aggression.


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