Concludes in Cuba Salon of Renewable Energies

Havana, Feb 1 (Prensa Latina) The first Salon of Renewable Energies and Segurtech concludes today after facilitating the exchange between national and foreign enterprises, expo and presentation of new business opportunities and professional debates.

The venue was attended in three days by some 70 enterprises from the alternative energy sectors and those of urban security, in a specialized platform that gathered national and international experts of the sector.

In this date will be held the First Business Forum of the Electronic Industry where there will be three lectures on the Batteries Lithium-ion Technologies, the State of the Art technologies to store energy and Solutions that sabe energy using velocity changers.

Other exhibitions will deal on Strategies of Control for the efficient uyse of desalinization plants in Cuba, Network design of wireless low-cost sensors for applications in precision irrigation.

Also of the INPUD factory and its integration to the manufacturing of domestic appliances used as source of energy like biogas and the System of control of the waterworks belonging to the aqueduct Enterprise of Camagüey.

This event is supportive for the implementation of the Perspective Development Policy of Renewable Sources and Effective Use of Energy for the period 2014-2030, approved in 2014, which has among its aims to transform the structure of energy sources, reduce dependency on fossil fuels and raise the environmental sustainability.

The island has approved a program of clean energies, with which to increase electricity generation from four to 24 percent in 2030, of 30 thousand gigawatts per year, calculated from the 20 thousand gigawatts consumed at present,

The main investments identified in this área are 25 dielectric plants from biomass -anexed to sugar factoriesm, which will be responsible for producing 14 percent of energy for 2030, with the use of sugarcane bagasse.

The rest of the projects are centered in 13 eolic parks, 700 megawatts in solar fotovoltaic parks abnd 56 with mini-hydroelectric plants.

The event gathered over 76 exhibitors in the fairground of Pabexpo, 38 enterprises of which 16 foreign from Belgium, China, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, Virgin Islands and St. Christopher and Nevis.

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