Concertgoers in Camagüey Dance to the Rhythm of Los Van Van

With a concert in the city of Camagüey on Wednesday evening, the Cuban band Los Van Van wrapped up the first leg of a promotional tour of Cuba, an event which has been highly acclaimed by islanders in each stage of the country, frontman Samuel Formell told the press. Hits like “Recíbeme”, “La maquinaria”, “Historia verdadera”, “Llegó el tren” and “Ya nos vamos” made some 50,000 concertgoers dance the night away at the Ignacio Agramonte Revolution Square in this city, some 530 km east of Havana.

Speaking to the press, the son of late Juan Formell – founder-leader of the band- said how gratifying it has been for them to observe the love and affection the Cuban people feel for his father and for what the band have done since its foundation in 1969.

Juan Formell, who had been the frontman of the band for almost 45 years, is an inspiration for this tour which started in Artemisa province and will momentarily be interrupted because of commitments abroad.

The people have filled the arenas where Los Van Van have been playing in this tour. There the band have brought a wide sample of their repertoire starting with songs that were hits in the 19970’s until their most recent themes.

The performance of this band in Camagüey coincided with the 88th birthday of the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro, whom Samuel Formel called a very special person.

Once they tour Latin America and likely the United States, they will retake the tour of Cuba in the eastern portion of it and then they will hold a final concert in Havana on December 4th to mark the band’s 45th anniversary.

Ahead of their concert, Los Van Van were awarded the Espejo de Paciencia Prize in recognition for their indisputable contributions to the popular danceable music of Cuba.

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