Committee promoting Nobel Prize for Cuban doctors set up in Greece

Committee promoting Nobel Prize for Cuban doctors created in Greece

Athens, Aug 19 (Prensa Latina) Greek promoters for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize for the Henry Reeve Cuban Medical Brigade today presented the Committee of Honor for this initiative, reported Velissarios Kossivakis, administrator of this popular action.

In a statement sent to Prensa Latina, he stressed that it has 350 members, all personalities of Greek socio-cultural and political life (university students, artists from different spheres of the cultural sphere, deputies, politicians, intellectuals, trade unionists).

Kossivakis expressed that ‘it is the least we can do to recognize the most supportive and humane work of a geographically small country, but immense in its attitude of Marti to cast its lot with the poor of the earth.’

He stressed that, until yesterday, August 18, 2020, they collected more than 65 thousand signatures in favor of support and noted that this number does not stop growing, while calling on those who wish to join in doing so on various digital sites of easy access.

As an example of the relevance of the members of this Honor Committee, he highlighted the legendary figure for Greeks of several generations of Kostas Sarantidis, who supported the initiative at 96 years of age and maintains his vitality and political creeds, he said.

He added that ‘he enthusiastically joined our cause and, in this way, conveys his most affectionate greetings to the Cuban people and their Revolution, of which he has always been a great admirer.’

This creed prompted him to embrace the Committee and its noble purpose, in favor of the exemplary work of Cuban doctors, legitimate children of their homeland and its Revolution, Kossivakis praised.

He is known by the nickname of Viet Kostas, because at the age of 18 he was sent to Saigon as a member of the French Foreign Legion, from whose ranks he deserted to join the Viet Minh Liberation Front in which he fought for 12 years and later joined the Southern national liberation movement.

He lived in Vietnam for 20 years, was honorably awarded citizenship of that country and is the founder of the Greek-Vietnamese Association in Athens.

‘I never regretted anything. I considered that, as a Greek, I did the right thing. What I could not do for my country, I did for another that I felt as mine. These people know how to die, they know how to fight, but they also forgive’, Kostas expressed about the Vietnamese nation.

The letter signed by Kossivakis concludes with the commitment to always be in solidarity, long live Cuba and the motto United We will win.


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