Commander of the Revolution dialogued with Cuban youths

Havana, Feb 17 (Prensa Latina) The Commander of the Revolution Guillermo García Frías highlighted the role of the new generations in the continuity of the Cuban social project.

During the meeting ‘Cuba is living history’ with members of the Movimiento Juvenil Martiano, the Hero of the Republic said that every time he talks about Cuba he feels the same fervor and the same energies as when he was in the guerrilla.

As long as the homeland requires the help and thought of this people, I will be fighting, with my rifle by my side,’ he stressed from the Memorial of the Denunciation, venue of the meeting.

Garcia, who told anecdotes describing the fortitude of men and women who gave everything for the Revolution, called on young people to continue studying and live proud of inheriting the history of a people like this one.

‘There is no country in the Americas that is equal to the Cuban nation, with such a beautiful trajectory, of which we live committed and willing to give our lives.

I feel this satisfaction because I see that there is a youth that is willing to carry the weight of history on its shoulders’, he insisted.

He also shared with the participants memories of his first years of life in the Cuban camps, of the difficult moments in the struggle in the Sierra Maestra, in the east of the island, and then about the work carried out in the Revolution.

He also stressed the need to keep in mind the text ‘History will absolve me’, Fidel Castro’s self-defense plea in the trial of the assailants to the Moncada Barracks, which he considers necessary to study.


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