Colombian Students in Cuba Condemn U.S. Helms-Burton Law

Havana, May 9 (Prensa Latina) Colombian students at the Latin American School of Medicine (ELAM) in Cuba condemned this Thursday the activation of Title III of the Helms-Burton Act, through which the United States seeks to economically suffocate the country.

We ratify our unconditional solidarity with Cuba, its humanist-revolutionary government and its heroic people who stand firm and united against Washington’s blackmail, threats and provocations, underscore the students in their statement released in this capital.

The activation of Title III of the Helms Burton Act, among other measures, in an evident and arrogant policy of aggression against independence, sovereignty, and the full right of the Cuban people to decide their economic and political system, clarifies the text.

This White House rule is yet another demonstration of the colonialist interference of U.S. imperialism, which arrogantly seeks to suffocate and impede economic development and internationalize the blockade imposed against the island for more than 59 years, the document emphasizes.

Title III of the Helms-Burton Act,’ the statement continues, ‘not only extends threats against friendly countries with commercial and economic ties, it also seeks to prevent foreign investment.

Likewise, it is a declaration of obvious attack on any sovereign path to the consolidation of Cuba’s prosperity and economic independence, the text denounces.

We strongly condemn this announcement and trust in the victory of the Revolution and the Cuban people, reiterated the Colombian students of ELAM.

The declaration against Washington’s new aggression against Cuba is an initiative of future doctors who are being trained here, including victims of the armed conflict, peasants, social leaders, children of the military, Afro-descendants, indigenous people, human and religious rights defenders, and the LGTBI community.


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