Colombia Acknowledges Cuba Role in Peace Talks

HAVANA, Cuba, Mar 3 (acn) Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos stressed the role of Cuba in the advancement of the peace dialog for his country underway in Havana.

In statements during a Forum for Peace in Colombia, held in Madrid, Santos said that Cuban President Raul Castro never hesitated in expressing his support of hosting the peace process which began in 2012.

Cuba has been quite a host, said Santos during an official visit to Spain that concludes on Tuesday and during which he announced that he will send high-ranking military officers to join the peace talks in the Cuban capital to negotiate a ceasefire.

“We are about to discuss a bilateral ceasefire,” Santos said as cited by PL news agency, as he expressed optimism about the result of negotiations with the Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces- People´s Army guerrilla organization.

Santos recalled that some points on the peace talks agenda were already discussed, including political participation, agrarian reform and drug trafficking; however, he alerted that there are another two issues to consider, such as justice during the transition period and the demobilization of the rebel forces, which he described as difficult.


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