Civil Society Members in USA Reject Threats to Venezuela

By Ibis Frade Brito, New York, USA, Mar 5 (Prensa Latina) The rejection of a possible military option in Venezuela is currently increasing among U.S. civil society, which also opposes Washington’s sanctions and threats against the South American nation.

For Martin Koppels, one of the leaders of the United States Socialist Workers Party, the current administration of the White House has no moral authority to give lessons on democracy and human rights to Venezuela or any other country.

Koppels told so Prensa Latina and considered that the U.S. government is now pointing to Caracas because the Venezuelan people are fighting to make a socialist revolution in defense of the majority, as Cuba did.

Rachel Barr, one of the members of the solidarity movement with Cuba in New York, refused to send U.S. troops to Venezuela.

Nicolas Maduro was re-elected by his people and then, comes someone from an opposition party and appoints himself president, what rights protect him to do so, Barr questioned with respect to the performance of Juan Guaido, head of a parliament in contempt and who incites the aggression against Venezuela.

Ba rr also recalled the example of Hugo Chavez (1954-2013), promoter of a socialist process in Venezuela that brought several benefits to the most humble.

Representatives of civil movements and human rights activists from the United States will arrive in soon Venezuela to learn first-hand the situation in that country and reject a possible intervention.


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