Chinese diplomat thanks Cuba for its support against US interference

Havana, Aug 5 (Prensa Latina) The Chinese ambassador in Havana, Ma Hui, today thanked the Cuban government and people for their solidarity and support in the struggle of his country for sovereignty in the face of the US government’s interference.

The Cuban position also demonstrates support for the principles of international law and the United Nations Charter, said the diplomat while releasing a statement condemning the visit of U.S. Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan.

Ma Hui commented that several countries and political organizations of the world sent messages of solidarity with China and highlighted the recent messages delivered in Havana by the government of Nicaragua and the United Left Movement of the Dominican Republic.

The ambassador stressed that this type of interference in the internal affairs of other States violates the interests and sovereignty of developing countries, which if not respected will always be subjugated.

On August 3, the Cuban Foreign Ministry expressed its firm rejection of actions aimed at harming China’s territorial integrity and sovereignty, which received the support of Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel and the National Assembly of People’s Power (parliament). The Chinese representative in Havana referred to the measures adopted today by the Chinese government, describing them as fair, necessary and important, including actions against Pelosi and her family and the interruption of dialogue and cooperation mechanisms with the United States.

Ma Hui stressed that his country will take all necessary measures to defend its sovereignty and achieve national unity and emphasized that the principle of one China is a universal consensus of the international community.


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