China suggests the US to seek mutual understanding with Cuba

Beijing, Jun 20 (Prensa Latina) China today asked the United States to focus on building mutual understanding and trust with Cuba, instead of generating reports such as the one about an alleged Beijing military training center on Cuba.

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning also asked US to focus its efforts on issues that are truly profitable for the peaceful and steady development of the region, while adding that she is not aware of the allegations the US media, The Wall Street Journal, published.

According to that newspaper, the governments of Beijing and Havana are considering the installation of a joint military training center in Cuban territory.

The report circulates a few days after the alleged existence of a Chinese electronic espionage base in Cuba operating since 2019.

In response, China told Prensa Latina that nothing can destroy its genuine friendship with Cuba, regardless of how much the US misinforms and defames, since the contradictions presented in this regard, in a short period of time, prove that it is a lie.


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