China extols Cuba’s contribution to global fight against Covid-19

China extols Cuba's contribution to global fight against Covid-19

Beijing, Jun 15 (Prensa Latina) Chinese intellectual praised Cuba’s contribution to the global fight against the Covid-19 pandemic by sending medical brigades to countries of all continents.

Yicong Xu, a member of the International Research Foundation, in an opinion article congratulated the island for its success, thanked for its contribution and advocated that it can do more for human welfare.

‘The technology, philosophy and service attitude of Cuban medical personnel have been highly praised by the recipient countries. In fact, Cuban medical teams have made outstanding contributions to this global effort,’ he said, noting the support offered even to developed territories such as Italy and Andorra.

‘Little Cuba,’ he said, ‘has done its own thing, with its own power and in the midst of an unreasonable U.S. blockade, took the initiative to be at the forefront of the fight against the pandemic.’

The academic recalled that Cuba’s assistance to poor nations began several decades ago, which, he said, reflects its deep spirit of internationalism.

He also praised the island for building a system where health, education of its people and scientific research related to medicine have priority, despite the obstacles arising from the tight U.S. blockade for more than half a century.

‘Such ideas, actions and achievements are worthy of being remembered and respected by the peoples of the world,’ said the also former ambassador from Beijing in Havana and other Latin American countries.

In contrast, Yicong criticized Washington for tightening ‘the unreasonable and brutal blockade’ against Cuba, preventing it from receiving materials needed in the fight against the Covid-19 and trying to sabotage its support for the international community in such a difficult moment.


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