China denounces campaign to destabilize and discredit Cuba

Beijing, Jul 7 (Prensa Latina) Cuban representatives in China denounced a campaign of political destabilization and discredit against the island promoted by the United States, calling for violence and the intention of creating pretexts for a “humanitarian intervention”.

The Cuban ambassador, Carlos Miguel Pereira, stressed that hostile forces once again take advantage of the serious commercial and financial difficulties generated by Washington’s blockade and the international crisis to launch their offensive.

In Pereira’s words, for this purpose they resort to old attack practices, combining them with modern unconventional warfare techniques, allocate millions of dollars and use sophisticated technologies.

Pereira also spoke of the resistance of the Cubans, the support of Latin America and the Caribbean against the maneuvers of the United States, and Cuba’s achievements in the development and application in record time of its own Covid-19 vaccines.

He thanked everyone for contributing to the development of friendly relations between Cuba and China, specifying that mutual support in the multilateral arena and the commitment to peace and security reflect the special nature of ties and the common aspiration to build a more just and sustainable world.

Li Ruohong, president of the Chinese Foundation for World Peace, highlighted Cuba’s contributions to the Human Development Index through high life expectancy, mass literacy and advances in medicine, and called for working together “to expand the influential circle of friends between the two countries, benefit the cause of peace and the people of the world.”


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