China and Cuba united against unilateralism and US pressures

Beijing, Nov 25 (Prensa Latina) China and Cuba reaffirmed on Monday their united efforts to face unilateralism, hegemony and pressures arising from the trade war and the blockade imposed in both cases by the United States.

In an event to mark the beginning of his mission here, Cuban Ambassador Carlos Miguel Pereira emphasized that the trade war, Washington’s commitment to advance its doctrine of the ‘Chinese threat’ and to maintain the economic, commercial and financial blockade against Cuba, confirm the common battle of both nations for their self-determination.

‘Cuba and China are today more united than ever in the defense of their national interests and respective truths, of sovereignty and independence, and also of adhering to socialism as the only way to build a society marked by progress and social justice,’ he said.

The diplomat expressed satisfaction with what has been achieved, but noted the future work to materialize the consensus reached at the highest level and the effective participation of China and its companies in the socio-economic development plans of the island.

Cuba seeks to grow and develop on more efficient and secure bases, always preserving its social conquests, despite the tightened blockade and an adverse context at the regional and international levels, the diplomat stressed.

‘In that decisive battle, we are greatly encouraged to be able to count on the invariable solidarity of the People’s Republic of China and the international community,’ Pereira said.

Similarly, Qin Gang, Chinese deputy minister of Foreign Affairs, advocated strengthening the cohesion of the two states in the face of growing pressure and in a scenario where unilateral, protectionist and hegemonic policies are taking hold.

He called to safeguard multilateralism, promote the open global economy and a new form of global relations characterized by true justice and shared prosperity.

‘Our friendly ties have overcome international vicissitudes and are renewed day by day. We have seen solid and deep mutual political trust, we have reaped fruitful results in various areas and our friendship is consolidated,’ he noted.

He reaffirmed Beijing’s willingness to work with Havana to implement the agreements between presidents Xi Jinping and Miguel Diaz-Canel, deepen political trust and expand cooperation to bear more bilateral, regional and global benefits.


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