Chileans recognize Mexico’s solidarity with Cuba

Santiago de Chile, Feb 15 (Prensa Latina) The Chilean movement of solidarity with Cuba delivered today a letter to the Mexican embassy, where it recognizes the support of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador to the cause against the blockade to the Caribbean nation.

On behalf of the group that was received at the diplomatic headquarters, Pedro Bronzic, (leader of the Chilean community of Solidarity with Cuba) expressed the importance of Mexico’s foreign policy for all the peoples of the region and the world.

Lopez Obrador’s call to create an international front aimed at eliminating the commercial, economic and financial blockade suffered by the Cuban people, said Bronzic when delivering the letter.

In the absence of Ambassador Alicia Barcena, the document was received by Enrique Romero, in charge of multilateral political affairs and press.

“From the movement of solidarity with Cuba in Chile, we salute your position and that of your people in relation to the complex context that Cuba is suffering,” the letter reads.

The text adds that the historical values of conscience and internationalist solidarity of Mexico towards Cuba are reflected today more than ever.

From the land of Salvador Allende, our movement wishes you success in promoting an international front against the blockade, the letter assures, and expresses its commitment to join and contribute at the level of government authorities to such a worthy position in favor of peace.


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